The Society has a number of Divisions look¬ing after different assignments: (1) Teachers Training Division. (2) Media Development Division. (3) Software Development Division. (4) Publication Division. (5) Foreign Assignment Division. (6) Public Relation Division. (7) Educational Research Division. (8) Information Technology Division (9) General Administration (10) Paramhansa Yogananda Research Centre (11) Vishwa Yoga and Vedant Prasar Parishad (12) Humour and Mirthology Centre (13) Stress Management Centre The Society has started honouring eminent journalists of Himachal Pradesh. Till date 9 senior journalists have been honoured for the services to the nation. The Society has taken a decision to start honouring journalists; from both print media as well as electronic media at National level. The Society is contemplating to start National Awards for Senior College and University teachers for their contribution to education.