The main objectives of Pratibha Spandan Society are as follows:

1. To Promote and Enhance Research in all Fields and Braches of Education.

2. To Promote and Impart Education and Training through Workshops, Seminars, Symposia, Conferences, Stage-Shows etc. for the overall Development of People in the Community.

3. To Encourage Researchers to conduct Interdisciplinary Researches.

4. To Conserve and Promote Folk and Tribal Arts, Fine Arts, Culture, Research, Indian languages, Interdisciplinary Research, Flora and Fauna, Yoga, Spirituality, Ethics and Human Values, National Integration, Uses of Information Technology etc.

5. To Spread Awareness among Members and Public against Social Evils such as HIV/AIDS, Human Trafficking, Terrorism, Gender Injustice, Alcoholism, Illiteracy, Population Explosion and other Contemporary Issues.

6. To Provide Guidance and Counselling to the people of all Sections of the Community regarding Health and Safety, Environment Protection, Rural Development, Education, Water Management, Women Empowerment, Child Mortality, Self-Employment, Information Technology, Digitization and other related fields.

7. To Promote Education among Underprivileged Sections of the Community and to Work for the Welfare and Upliftment of weaker Sections of the Society.

8. To Give Scholarships, Fellowships, Awards and Other Benefits to the deserving Candidates.

9. To Educate and Promote Public regarding Environment Protection, Community Welfare, Employment Generation and other related fields.